Eshaan Barkataki Volunteer Interview

Co- Chief Technologist - EduLang

Eshaan Barkataki is a sophomore at High Technology High School. After he started coding at the age of 5, he took interest in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and frontend development. His projects include building a program that controls a computer using hand signs, building a Raspberry Pi robot that is controlled by computer and sends video feed, and creating a Neural Network and Automatic Differentiation from scratch in C++. Currently, he is creating a productivity app using React and Ionic and a program to automatically generate robotic designs. 

LJL Volunteer Interviews

LJL has a ✨ stellar ✨ team of volunteers who are helping us build multilingual technology that helps low-resource language speakers. We decided to interview our volunteers who come with a wide range of expertise.

Eshaan Barkataki

LJL conducted our third volunteer interview with ✨Eshaan Barkataki✨

Eshaan is one of our most dedicated volunteers.

He has spent countless hours revamping EduLang backend translation system. 

Please review the video to learn more about why Eshaan is excited to volunteer at LJL and about his skills and interests!

Interview Q & A

Subha Vadlamannati, LJL founder asked series of questions to learn more about Eshaan’s background! 

What is your origin country?

Born and raised in Chicago, IL

What languages do you speak?

Eshaan speaks English, learning French

How did you get interested in Volunteering?

I wanted to put my skills into good use. I had a pretty decent understanding of Python and its frameworks (ex: Numpy, PyTorch, etc.) and I wanted to do something useful with that. Furthermore, I wanted to learn new skills and find how it is to work in a professional work environment.

First Reason that excites Eshaan to work at LJL

The first reason is that it is genuinely making the world a better place. It not only releases advanced AI apps intended for people speaking in low-resource languages, it also works with other organizations to host workshops! They are actively making a difference, and that is why I am glad to be part of the LJL team.

Second Reason that excites Eshaan to work at LJL

The second reason is that the work involved in LJL is extremely exciting. I always had a fascination for computer science and AI when I was young, so seeing myself contributing to AI-powered apps is absolutely awe-inspiring. I was also given the opportunity to work on the frontend of the app. This involved using frameworks such as React and Firebase as well as work with new programming languages such as Typescript. The amount of knowledge that I have gotten from LJL is huge, and I am certainty grateful to that!

Third Reason that excites Eshaan to work at LJL

The third and last reason is the people at LJL. They are all really kind and passionate, that I am happy to be part of the team.

Did you face any language barrier issues (yourself or in your community)?

I have not faced any language barriers issues. Thankfully I learned English as my first and primary language, so I gotten together with other people really well!

What are your hobbies?

I love making the Piano compositions, eating good food (I especially love Asian food, ranging from Chinese food to Japanese food. There is just so much flavor!), learning and reading about productivity, coding and building robots for VEX, and I do a lot of side projects in programming as well!

Stay Tuned

LJL will be interviewing their rock star volunteers, Advisors and Board members!