We are working on projects that empower youth from different parts of the world

At LJL we create multilingual apps and organize programs that help learners learn English in a fun way and celebrate multilingual aptitude!

Learners build the following competencies

Help Learners build English language proficiency by leveraging their strength in their native language. We focus on building strength across all aspects of language learning


Builds Reading Fluency by working from sight words to more complex vocabulary Targets learners with 1st - 5th grade English proficiency. Learners progress from one grade to the next by taking reading comprehension tests.


In the future, LJL plans to utilize text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies that help kids strengthen their auditory and speech skills in English utilizing their knowledge in their native languages. These products will target 1st-5th graders


Learners build writing fluency using fun games that build the learners' spelling and sentence formation skills utilizing prior knowledge of their native language. Targeted towards 1st-5th grade students working on improving their writing ability.


Builds learner's reading and comprehension fluency by displaying stories in two languages next to each other. Tasks are targeted towards 1st-5th grade learners. Comprehension tests are generated using entity recognition NLP.

Our Products


  • The EduLang app allows youth from grades K-5 to learn English through interactive books written in their native language.
  • The app allows users to set their grade level and suggests age-appropriate books which have English and their native translation side by side accompanied by pictures.
  • Builds users Reading and Comprehension fluency by displaying stories in two languages next to each other.


  • Puzzling is a mobile game that allows for users to play sentence puzzles in different languages.
  • Word and Sentence Puzzle Games App.
  • Arrange letters to form words and words to form sentences in this fun game that builds learners’ Spelling and Sentence formation skills in a fun interactive way!
  • Targeted towards 1st-5th grade learners who move from one level to next as they solve these fun and engaging puzzles


  • Multilingual flashcards that help learners recognize and memorize vocabulary.
  • Builds Reading Fluency by working from sight words to more complex vocabulary
  • Targets learners with 1st – 5th grade English proficiency.
  • Learners progress from one grade to the next by building their score


  • A game that challenges users to guess a word by providing similarity scores.
  • Guessing the word is so much fun! You don’t even realize that you are thinking and learning synonyms as you guess words!
  • Targeted towards advanced learners beyond the 5th grade competency
  • This gaming app keeps learners guessing and building their Vocabulary!


  • Using the NeuralSpace Entity Recognition app, we create a fill in the blank interface that allows for users to guess particular words in English.
  • A simple image and a sentence that describes this image will be given to the user. The sentence will be almost completely in their native language, with one word missing. The user needs to type the correct missing word (usually an object or noun) in English to receive points.
  • This app helps children by improving their spatial recognition and complex thinking abilities in English.


In this project, we are partnering with another non-profit organization to build a website that allows for language translation models to be hosted for others to play with and provide input. This project needs volunteers with interactive website building experience and basic knowledge of language translation ML modeling.

Application Automation

  • We are partnering with MILEAP, another local non-profit organization, to develop automation for registration tasks.
  • In this project, we build the ability for applicants to fill out a form that gets saved on the server and triggers a notification to the administrator.
  • This project needs helped the MILEAP organization track their applications electronically 

Our Programs

Language Workshops

  • Hour-long language workshops aimed at introducing world languages and cultures to elementary kids.
  • Kids learn about different world languages by participating in some fun activities.
  • Workshops are hosted virtually as well as In-Person for about an hour

Short Story Collection

  • LJL is partnering with several organizations to collect cultural stories from people around the world.
  • We plan to publish a bilingual book (in the language of the culture and English) using this content that can be used to not only understand different cultures but also learn the English language.
  • We want to start off by working on North African and Middle Eastern languages/dialects (Somali, Ethiopian, Arabic).
  • 6 years of age and older can participate
  • No Experience needed


  • LJL offered interactive STEM classes and turoting services to kids from World Relief and ReWA.
  • Classes were power-packed with logical games, hands-on activities, with a focus towards teaching science & Math in an interactive way.
  • Enrichment STEM Programs were offered for kids ages 7 to 13. In the STEM Club, kids were able to experience the magic of science, technology, engineering, and math through exciting, hands-on experiments.