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Multilingual Library App

Kids story books available in 86+ low-resource languages. We will be adding additional books on a regular basis. 

Edulang Features

Library of multilingual storybooks in 86+ languages and English


Library of Multi-lingual storybooks in 86+ low-resource languages

Multiple user accounts

Individual learners and Organizations create accounts

Learning Levels

Learners of K-5 English level of understanding

Offline mode

No Internet needed to use the app

Multiple platforms

Supported Platforms: Android & iOS

Language Fluency

Builds users Reading and Comprehension fluency by displaying stories in two languages next to each other.

5 Reasons why you should use EduLang
Research shows that young children who were exposed to books and literature in their native language developed stronger pre-literacy skills than children who were only exposed to books in their second language
Helps with English learning without being constrained by the need to find someone who can talk your native language
The content is age-appropriate and categorized based on the level of the reader
Capability to support 84+ languages in a single app including dialects
Future functionality allows for users to submit their own stories which are autotranslated

EduLang Technologies

We have utilized multiple technology tools for EduLang

EduLang Screens

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Please register your account and read a few story books by selecting your native language. Please contact us if you do not see your preferred language and would like LJL to add that for you!

Key contributors

Subha Vadlamannati

Creator & Chief Technologist

Eshaan Barkataki

Chief Technologist

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