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What is PuzzLing

Puzzling is a web game that allows users to translate sentences written in their native language and get feedback on the quality of their translations instantly. Users will get scores based on how well they translate sentences and get feedback on which areas they can improve in (spelling, grammar, etc.).  On the webpage, the Puzzling Files module allows you to translate documents with images into multilingual content. In the future, we plan to add drag-and-drop features for beginner users in addition to adding speech-to-text functionalities.

Builds Spelling & Sentence Skills

Arrange letters to form words and words to form sentences in this fun game that builds learners’ Spelling and Sentence formation skills in a fun interactive way!

1st -5th Grade Levels

Targeted towards 1st-5th grade learners who move from one level to next as they work on these fun and engaging sentence tasks

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Please donot hesistate to contact us if you have any questions. If you would like to add any specific low-resource language to the PuzzLing webapp

Key Contributors

We highly appreciate all the time that the LJL team is putting in to build the PuzzLing App

Xiao Zhang

Yanbo Fang

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