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Leveraging Natural Language Processing to bring justice to low-resource languages


Linguistics Justice League (LJL), recognizes the urgency of preserving languages and supporting language learners who speak low-resource languages. We are committed to creating impactful and meaningful bilingual educational content and apps that leverage the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Gamification to make language learning fun and engaging.

Our mission goes beyond language learning facilitation. We aim to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of preserving native languages and cultures, and we strive to dispel the myths and stereotypes experienced by people who speak low-resource languages. By creating content that is culturally relevant and respectful, we aim to empower individuals and communities to preserve their languages and heritage for generations to come.


This month we made significant progress in deploying the EduLang app! EduLang translates children’s books in to 108 languages

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Who We Serve

Our Objective

Our objective is to help organizations that serve low-resource language communities. We use technology to build programs that promote multilingualism and the importance of preserving their native languages.

1. Extinct Languages

It is estimated that there are over 7,000 languages in the world, and about half of them are endangered, meaning that they are at risk of becoming extinct in the near future. With one language going extinct every 40 days, we need to take action soon to preserve these endangered languages.

2. Scale Language Learning

Our approach is to build technology solutions that help other nonprofit organizations, across the US, scale their language translation and language learning offerings to their clients.

3. Local Connections

We connect with local refugee & immigrant organizations and Native American tribes to work with them to preserve their native languages and bring awareness to their cultural heritage.

4. Low Resource Languages

We focus specifically on low resource languages and we build multilingual applications and games that make language learning fun and entertaining while preserving and taking advantage of the student’s proficiency in their native language.  

No. of Schools LJL served
No. of Kids LJL served


Low Resource Languages

3 Billion

People who can’t connect and get information in their language

5.1+ million

English language learners in the US


Languages going extinct

Our Reviews

We are committed to our mission of helping speakers of low-resource languages. It is heartening to see the feedback from our users which confirms that our work is leading to meaningful outcomes for them

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What We Do

Advocate, Innovate, Educate, Change

NLP Projects

We focus primarily on low-resource languages in our projects that other larger organizations do not prioritize. Content for youth in these low resource languages is often hard to come across and we hope to bridge the gap between high and low resource languages.


We share information on new innovations, research, and issues that relate to our non-profit and educate others.

Community Outreach

We hope to dispel the myths and stereotypes experienced by people who speak low-resource languages through the use of language learning and natural language processing


We host interactive product demos that showcase some of the key NLP products that LJL builds. 

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Youth Program Instructor - REWA

Linguistics Justice League went above beyond to ensure the students they tutored understood their homework and assignments. Volunteers had experience tutoring online and were an excellent resource. The program benefitted from volunteers’ patience with students and experience troubleshooting zoom and technology issues with students. Volunteers also led excellent abbreviated lessons and were always eager to help.

Next Generation Programs Coordinator - World Relief Seattle

It’s been so fun to see all of the hard work that your organization have put into the math & science club sessions. It sounds like everyone has really enjoyed their time with you; great job!

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